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Harrods Wizard of Oz Display

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Case Study Harrods Display


We were approached by another design company called Big Stuff design, who are specialists in creating large scale sets and POS. For Christmas 2008 the Harrods store based in London wanted to do a Wizard of Oz theme and create a large scale display for the front of there store. Many Display, design companies were fighting it out to try and win the contract and create this major set for the world renowned store, Harrods.


Our challenge was to create, two 3D visual from a scene in Wizard of Oz. the pressure was on because this had too not, only look good enough to please our client Big Stuff design, but had to be created in a convincing manner, in order to then convince Harrods to award Big Stuff Design the contract.

Project stages


We were asked to create the scene were Dorothy’s legs are sticking out from under the house, so the first we did was obtain some images of Harrods from the clients and created some rough sketches of how the display would look.

3D modelling

The next stage was to create Dorothy’s legs and iconic red shoes in 3D. Originally we considered creating the entire visual in 2D but quickly reconsidered as creating it in 3D would give us the flexibility to position and scale the legs into any position and perspective.


Texturing was next and required some UV mapping and custom texturing.


In projects such as this, most of the work is in post production and fortunately for us, Abobe had just released their newest update to their creative suit package. This meant that it was possible to grade and paint in Photoshop as normal but with the added feature of being able to import 3D objects in to the scene and position around a flat image, i.e a photo of the Harrods store.

The rest of the work involved me having to edit and paint over the photo of the Harrods store, using my trusted Wacom graphics tablet. All the shadows reflections, grime and dirt had to be superimposed over the photo. This required a lot of editing and undoing as if one part looked realistic the others would not look quiet right.

Some problems encountered during the project.

The most difficult aspect of working on this project came from the photographs, which were obviously taken for other purposes so without these visuals in mind. This meant that time had to be taken first to touch up the images and get rid of any noise. Also the photo’s were taken at a time were the street was exceptionally busy. This all added to the difficulty in editing however made it more challenging and ultimately more fun.

Final results

The final out come of the two visual perspectives of the store turned out great. It was now easy to image how the final, real world creation would look in front of the store. We can confidently say that this was a very success project as our clients then won the contract to create the display for Harrods.

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