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My name is Ali I am a professional designer with many years of commercial experience. I’ve been drawing and designing all sorts of things for as long as I can remember. Through school, art involved good old traditional stuff like clay modelling and oil painting, which was always nice and messy and felt really satisfying to use. Slowly over the years I started to move more towards digital media and with my shiny Wacom tablet in hand I started painting and scribbling away knowing that there would be no mess to tidy or chopped down trees to feel guilty about.

CGI and 3D work was something that I always found amazing and was something that I always wanted to get involved in, so when I got my first computer with a processor and graphics card powerful enough, my 3D revolution began.

Throughout my Animated Ali website you will find many different projects that I worked on both commercially and personally, which range from 2D concept art and graphic design to 3D modelling and animation.

Also, over these pages you will find a whole host of images, video and informative text to scroll through, including tutorials, hints, tips, news, reviews as well as a whole dedicated resources section, which will have, photos, Brushes, textures and many other things, which I will be constantly updating and adding for your viewing and using pleasure.

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